Undocumented Families and Political Communites : Parents Fighting Depotations

29 août 2019

AUTEURS : Damien de Blic, Claudette Lafaye

EDITORS : Bruno Frère & Marc Jacquemain,

OUVRAGE : Everyday Resistance. French Activism in the 21st Century

ÉDITEUR : Palgrave Macmillan, London


PAGES : 21-44


Faced with the situation of undocumented families with children attending school in France and young adults threatened with expulsion, the activists of the Education Without Borders Network (RESF) invent an original critical register. This is marked by the reluctance to resort to general political categories and by the valorization of commitments made up of unique encounters. In doing so, RESF activists experience a paradoxical politicization. This is achieved through the rooting of the support committees within their immediate environment and in the attachment they have to a « community », which reveals itself to them at the moment when it is threatened with being amputated. one or more of its members. Rejecting the usual way of constituting a cause, which supposes a work of de-singularization and a process of rise in generality specific to the system of denunciation and public justification, the particular form of the mobilization of the RESF questions our conceptions, both usual and scholarly. of civic engagement.