Neoliberalism in Housing Regimes from a Comparative Perspective
Wednesday 14 June 2017

14 juin 2017

Lieu : University of Warwick

Horaires : 10:00 – 18:00 BST

Organisation : Dr Hila Zaban

Référence HAL-SHS :

Workshop :

Neoliberalism in Housing Regimes from a Comparative Perspective

This one day workshop intends to unveil how neoliberalism affects housing regimes in different countries. While every place has its unique particularities, much can be gained from a comparative lens which brings together lessons learnt from different places. Eight speakers will share their research on neoliberalism in housing regimes of six countries : UK, USA, Israel, South Korea, France and Greece. The case studies from the Global North, South and East will provide a truly comparative perspective. While housing issues are currently at the front of public debate in the UK, closely linked with issues of inequality and civil rights, this workshop will have much to say in regards to the sources of the current situation. If the problems are global shouldn’t social change be sought at a global scale too ?

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