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Anne  Labit, Sabrina Bresson, Claire Carriou

Collaborative housing and social inclusion : perspectives France/Europe

mardi 28 mars 2017

Places address : ENSAPVS, 3-15, Quai Panhard et Levassor, 75013 Paris

schedule : 14h30-16h30 - amphi 310

Organised by : Sabrina Bresson, Claire Carriou, Anne Labit

Seminar participants : european perspectives - Darinka Czischke Delft University, The Nederlands Melissa Fernandez Lancaster University, Great Britain Anja Szypulski Dortmund University, Germany Micha Fedrowitz Wohnbund, Germany

Référence HAL-SHS :


Since the early 2000’s in France, new self-organised forms of collective housing provision has been developing and researched from different perspectives. From a social standpoint, it appears that these new experiments have been mostly led by very homogeneous groups, with high cultural and social capital. This observation brings up a new research question concerning the potential of social inclusion or diversity in these new housing initiatives.
To what extent is the pioneer model of collaborative housing transferable to a wider range of household types ?
Could it be developed in the social housing sector ? What are the experiments in other European contexts ? What should we learn from the cross-national comparisons ?

Collaborative housing and social inclusion : perspectives France/Europe