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Caroline Rozenholc-Escobar


APO Asylum, Migration and Integration 2014-2020 (Italie)

Financeurs : Italie - APO national
Équipe : Chaire Unesco SSIIM, en collaboration avec le Lavue (C. Rozenholc). Sous la direction de G. Marconni
Durée : 3 ans - début janvier 2019

The UMR LAVUE will back as "supporter” the project named CAPACITYMETRO-ITALIA, presented by the University Iuav of Venice in response to the Public Notice for the presentation of projects to be funded under the Asylum, Migration and Integration 2014-2020 - Specific Objective 2 "Integration / legal Migration "- National Objective 3" Capacity-building ".

• It will share the objectives of the project proposal

• It will contribute to the above mentioned Project as follow :

1. by promoting the participation of experts/professors/researchers of their institution to the activities carried out by the Itinerant School of Good Practices foreseen by the project ;

2. by sharing good practices on the inclusion of migrants profiled/analyzed by their institution in their own country and other European countries.